We are so happy, and grateful for our beautiful new kitty, she is more than we’ve ever wanted! Every moment she is giving as love , joy and fun. And the most amazing thing, that she became a best friend for our cat Eva !!!! Thank you ! Thank you !
Thank you to the owner of Scottish Cat in Florida. Snezhana, a very experienced, reputable, knowledgeable and nurturing cat breeder. Before purchasing my kitten, I received all his information as well as live updates of kitten’s condition and additional pictures. She provided us with valuable tips and information of how to take a good care of our new family member. We love him so much!!!
We just got a beautiful little male kitten from Snezana’s cattery and couldn’t be happier!!! She has done such a terrific job of socializing her kittens and it is clear that they are well loved, and cared for. They have lots of toys and climbers available for play and stimulation while she raises them. She is very discerning and careful about their care; from what she feeds them to their litter, toys and especially, the personalized love and attention she gives each of the kittens while she raises them. She is available for any questions or issues you might have once you take your new baby home, and will send you off with new toys to help your new kitten adjust to its new home. Our kitten came into a house with three other cats and two dogs and had no trouble fitting right in. He is loving, playful and gets along with all ages and other animals. We couldn’t be happier with our new little kitten and wholeheartedly would recommend Shalom Scottish Fold cattery to anyone! Snezana Markova is doing a marvelous job with her cattery!!
Cat Shalom is wonderful! We are so grateful God led us to Snezana Markova! Her sweet kitties are true treasures! Snezana loves her cats as though they are babies, and the kittens are so gentle, playful, tender, and sweet. Our Aryeh is a dream cat! He is a tender, teddy bear and such a little lover and lap cat. We couldn't be happier! Snezana is such an encouragement and so very helpful and patient. She is generous and helped me get everything I needed to begin life with a new kitten. You will be so blessed to work with her, and it would be my pleasure to personally recommend her to you! Thank you, Snezana Markova for helping bring such wonderful joy and love to our home through sweet Aryeh!
This amazing and beautiful cattery is run by my beautiful mommy !!! Her love and passion for what she does is incredible ! She has always been a very dedicated and a hard working woman. She has always inspired me to follow my goals and fight for them no matter what! Her life has always been very challenging but yet very rewarding and I’m very blessed and happy that now she has settled with making such beautiful animals that not only bring all of our family joy and happiness but also make other families happy and loving !!!! I’m very recommending everyone to buy an animal from my mommy because I can guarantee you that animals from our cattery are loving, sweet and blessed because our cattery is based on GOD !!! I hope everyone finds us and will pick up a beautiful bundle of joy to their home ! I’m extremely proud of my mommy, she is and has always been my inspiration and my muse. May our kittens bring “Shalom” to your life !